Thursday, December 25, 2008


Dear friends, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I wish you a joyful and peaceful holiday ... xxx Anairam


Linda Sue said...

FOOD! OMG I am SO porky! Nice quiet Christmas with the ones I love best. Snowed all day- I posted another few pictures especially for YOU! I hope that you experience snow as lovely as this one day!
Cheers- On to the new year!


Merriest Christmas to you dear!
That pic...must be thick fog?...hauntingly quite beautiful.

kendalee said...

Oh wow, what a view! Beautiful. And so tranquil... I hope that reflects what's going on in your Christmassy home and heart too... :)

Anairam said...

linda sue - thank you so much for the beautiful snowy pictures - all that snow! I can't believe it - it looks fantastic! I suppose it makes it difficult to get out and about though? Oh food, I've eaten quite a lot more than usual - and drank a lot of champagne! The new year will bring some order and discipline, I hope! I quite like the idea of handmade presents - and your blog post illustrates how lovely they can be - I think now that my creativity has been awakened, next year might see more handmade prezzies from me. (But what do you make for three sons and a husband? It is much easier to make things for females, don't you think?)

lenorenevermore - And a very merry one to you too! PS It looks like thick fog, but it was really just a cloud coming over the mountain from Cape Point at about 5 am - it quickly dissipated as the morning wore on!

kendalee - Yep, a very tranquil xmas for us - except for some drunk idiots who mistook xmas for new year's eve and drove up and down our streets in a kombi, shouting and hooting around midnight!

up and down town said...

well, it appears that this was not in the cards for me, but i appreciate the sentiment. wish harder next time, or else tell me not to visit family.