Tuesday, December 16, 2008

From U to Z - The End of a Project

Up. The simplest page of the lot. It is my tribute to LIM.

There is a story to the burnt page. On doing the X page (see below), a huge blob of red paint fell on Virginia's letter to John Lehman. I didn't think she would like it one bit, so I tried to remove the offending stain by dousing it with spirits, and then to (artistically, of course) burn the remaining pink away. It got out of hand unfortunately.

Words starting with W displayed in an envelope Window.

X is for Xmas, as we all know by now.

Y is for Yin-Yang and Yoga.

The stripes are from a plastic gift bag, and I added a little zebra charm with a bead (also with a zebra on it, but you won 't be able to see it).

The end page.
And finally, a little envelope with 26 letters, A - Z, so that one can start all over again!


aimee said...

so clever! i love this idea!

Munted kowhai said...

Hehehe vintage corolla. I love that. They're pretty good cars eh! What type of alphabet project is this? Is this for your own self or school?
Either way, it is super neat and I loved that you burned the edges and it got out of control. That reminds me of my primary school days

kendalee said...

Talk about ending on a high note! These are fab. The story about VW's letter made me laugh and I LOVE the Z - zebras are one of my favourite animals - so odd, so beautiful, so quintessentially African. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous project with us, Anairam. Can't wait to see the next one...

Alexandra Hedberg said...

that's great! In Swedish the alphabet doesn't end there - we have three more letters: å. ä and ö

å also means tiny river
ö also means island

Linda Sue said...

Loving this project so much! Wish there were more letters into infinity. What's next for your creative fingers?

Anonymous said...

That was very nice and I can see the zebra even. Also the russian alphabet is differing and maybe one day I do the book like you. My granny is on visit here for me in Moskva. She loves Boris and I show her your blog dear Anairam. Now she wants also the crismast tree and decorations like you but only red stars. Do you see who is the new Miss World in your country? She is Miss Russia! Can you believe!

svetlana said...

Oh I make mistake and choose Anonymous. I am sorry but that comments is from me, Svetlana! I am sorry!

barbara says; said...

hey there, i found your blog off a comment you left on GalaDarling, and wow i'm glad i did!
this project is so creative and amazing. i loved looking at them. well done!

Anairam said...

aimee - Thank you! But next time I'm making a smaller (fewer pages) journal!

munted kowhai - It is for myself really - I had to make a small journal from recycled materials in an online craft course, and wanted to fill it with something. I have an obsession with letters and types, so an ABC was the automatic choice!

kendalee - Glad you enjoyed it! (I'm still waiting to see the one you made for your sister - will you show it? Or is it too personal?)

alexandra - That is so interesting - I didn't know that! So one can say: I live on an ö in the middle of an å! Haha! - that is so cool!

linda sue - Well, next I think I must return to the Fabric Project List I put together (and then left after doing just one - a stuffed toy - well two, actually. Three if you count the bear, but he is part of the Online Course Project.) Actually, talking about the Online Course Project, there are still about 10 of those I want to do!!

svetlana - I am very glad that Miss Russia won the Miss World contest! I think you should make a Miss World Bear next - as a companion to Boris. Give my regards to your granny - I hope you will send me a picture of her Christmas tree!

barbara says - Thank you for visiting! I am glad you liked my project - it was cool to do the ABC - reminded me of school, haha. I'll leave you some suggestions for books on your site (but it is probably too late now?)

My Castle in Spain said...

the vibrant zebra Z is my favorite !
but i also like to this portrait of Virginia Woof...

was wondering if you finished your Xmas tree...