Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Svetlana's Stuffy Bear

Today Svetlana sent me some pictures of the beautiful bear that she made over the weekend, and I cannot wait to show it to you! I LOVE this bear!!
To say nothing of the little satchel & its contents ...
Here he is reading with Svetlana.
I am including part of Svetlana's email to explain:
"His name is the Patriot Bear of the Great Revolution and also The Glasnost. This name is not short so I call him Boris. I make him the bag to carry bread and vodka to work. [ ...]
Also for little joke I send you pictuire where I read with Boris. This is the book with the Five Thoughts of the Great Lenin."
Don't you just love it? I think she must open an Etsy shop!


kendalee said...

Svetlana is one very talented girl, err... sorry, vooman! Etsy is definitely calling out for a shop run by her. A bear with character and a story to tell... what's more irresistible?

Linda Sue said...

Da, bear is good! Etsy is in order for sure! Such even stitches, uniform, precise in all his cuteness. I would share lunch with him.

karina Manghi said...

I need one to carry my vodka around!!!
It is a joke, I love vodka but it makes me sick very soon!!

enc said...

He is quite clever indeed.

Michelle Romo said...

That bear is so cute!!

I just wanted to say thank you for the nice words you left in my blog and for following for so long.

svetlana said...

Oh I cannot believe! My Patriot Bear is on the blog and for every person to see! Thank you Anairam and for people for the nice words about him. I hope you like him. I will now have the party with my friends and tell my granny. Of course there is no internet in Birsk but I tell her. Also I am telling karina to drink only 5 glasses then no person can get sick.

Freshly Found said...

Certainly not a bear with little brain!

Anairam said...

kendalee - I think so too! I love bears & posted mine off to my niece today, but I was sad to see it go!

Linda Sue - Hey, you speak Russian!

karina - It looks like this bear will be perfect to carry your vodka - as it can only hold a teeny bottle in its satchel - not enough to get sick from!

enc - Yep, a bear that can read Lenin nogal! ('nogal' is an Afrikaans word that has become a South-Africanism - it is difficult to translate - in this sense it kind of means 'can you believe it')

michelle - I loved your 25-project! I found it so inspirational, especially the fact that you stuck with it for an entire year - and still created such stunning graphic objects! I like your greeting cards - and will check in to see where&when they will be available - etsy perhaps?

freshly found - You can say that again! But then you must remember that Svetlana is a mathematician - so he takes after her, I'm sure!

svetlana - It was an absolute pleasure to feature your Boris Bear on my blog! Your granny will be proud of you! (She might even let you put up a xmas decoration or two.) As for the advice to Karina - I hope you mean five Boris-sized glasses!