Friday, December 19, 2008

Karin Miller

If you are South African, you might be familiar with Karin Miller's giftwrap and cards, and her stunning work for magazines such as De Kat and VISI. I love her work - the combination of photography, graphic art and digital manipulation appeals to me ...
Some examples:

Newer work:

And if you love ABC's, like I do, check out her amazing alphabet here!


Courtney said...

I like the newer work image with the gears and such- it looks like a piece of art that both my husband and I would appreciate. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you too for visiting and commenting on my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed Stephanie's interview- I love getting to know more about the person behind a blog!

Linda Sue said...

Wonderful art! Love the mind behind it! Her "Death" card is so orange and glad! I would welcome death if she looks like that! Thanks for this, a new favorite aritst!
I hope that you are well and enjoying sunshine. The sun did come out today for a quick wink and then gone again.

kendalee said...

These are incredible Anairam I LOVE them and was not aware of her art so thank you for the intro! I am completely smitten by the alphabet - would love to have a series spelling a word or even my name, which comes out as


and doesn't sound like a bad recipe for a life. A whole lot of novelty going on in my midlife phase for sure... :)

Eilandkind said...

Those are beautiful, I like 4 and 6 a lot.
Thanks for sharing.

Linda Sue said...

inspired by your christmas decor- I am trying to do something here....Epic Fail!
Beautiful Noble fir tree - all of the wrong may go lightless.

Anairam said...

courtney - She does quite a range of stuff - she always ends up surprising me!

linda sue - Yes, there is something about her way of thinking that resonates with me!

kendalee - That is a great use of the alphabet - to spell out one's name ...! Mmm, I'm getting an idea again ...

eilandkind - Good to hear from you again! Are you having an island christmas? Or will you be winging your way towards home?

linda sue - I am going to have a peek now - I hope you posted it! (I took pics of my tree last night but they didn't come out well. Also, I realised that my tree - which I've had for about 10 years - is extremely small - it only comes up to mid-thigh - very teeny! It never bothered me before, but now I see all these besutiful HUGE trees on people's blogs and I covet them!