Friday, December 12, 2008

Q, R, S, T

Queen - Magazine pictures, pens, ribbon, plastic bag with 4 miniature queen cards.

Red Roses - Pens, old giftwrap, paint, magazine picture, tiny fabric rose.

Sewing Small-Sized Stitches - thread, pattern paper, magazine cutouts, size ribbon.

Tea - coffee filter paper, magazine pictures, felt letter, sticker.


Linda Sue said...

Especially fond of Q and S- all wonderful pages!Stitching paper is always appealing. How do you find time to do these! I marvel!


S for sensational!
Hope you have a lovely weekend dear!

kendalee said...

Again - gorgeous! I love Q and T. The queen reminds me of my nana and I am a bit of a tea-aholic and love pretty cups and saucers... Your alphabet journal continues to delight me!

Anonymous said...

suddenly i think nothing would be cuter than a needlepoint teapot pillow!

Freshly Found said...

u,v,w,...y and z to come! Nearly there. Love your lateral thinking and way of depicting each letter!

Anairam said...
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Anairam said...

Linda Sue - Yes, the stitching was fun - next time (for a more serious book) I'll use embroidery thread though - something that looks a little better and maybe more substantial.

lenorevermore - I had a great weekend, thanks! I ended it with a lovely tango salon on Sunday evening - and to cap a weekend with some dancing can only be a good thing!

kendalee - I'm so glad you like them - I thought the T might appeal to you! I've finished now and will post the last ones - U to Z - sometime this week. I'm quite sad - I really enjoyed it! But my next alphabet project is already under way - photos!

Up and down town - Oh, needlepoint - it is such a genteel activity, isn't it! I've always wanted to be able to do it, sitting around like a Jane Austen character, stitching away at my sampler, maybe alternating it with a little letter writing - but I am much too impatient(a character trait which has been amply illustrated in my art and craftwork shown on this blog, I fear!)

freshly found - I finished them over the weekend and will show them sometime this week. I am afraid I kinda ran out of steam towards the end - but there are still a few surprises!