Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Evil that is Email ...

And here I was thinking that fractured bones cause loss of productivity and other evils in the workplace, but it turns out I am wrong - fractured attention is the real culprit! See this article in the NYT.

(Well, I've tried to make my laptop look as evil as possible in the above pic, but I do not think I was entirely successful ... perhaps I need a better camera. Or photographer.)
The solution to Email Evil might be to communicate via RealSnailMail, recently Blogged aBout By Boing Boing (how cool does that sound? now they can change their logo to bbbbb -and give all the credit to moi ...) I have just sent a message to my husband by RealSnailMail to say that dinner is ready. I hope it arrives before the end of the month. Seriously though, I am all for Slow Art, Slow Food, but Slow Email? Not so sure about that ... In the meantime I will fall for the following escargotic lovelies - all available on etsy:
Bag from sugarlust

Pendant from sushipot


Jen said...

Hi! Could you please remove "Art by Jennifer K Mulcahy" and the picture below it? I've closed my shop. Thanks!! -Jen

Anairam said...

Hi Jen - I have removed them as requested! What a pity that your shop is now closed - the art was beautiful