Friday, June 27, 2008

Report-back - A Little List of Three Little Things

Well, how did it go with your lists? I must admit to having battled to complete mine. I left the two 'problematic' tasks to the very last minute, not because I forgot about them, on the contrary, they were very much on my mind. Unfortunately I have a slight Procrastination Problem - especially when the task at hand may cause discomfort. I fully subscribe to the sentiments of One Very Wise (and probably Procrastinating) Person who said: Hard work pays off eventually, but the rewards of procrastination are immediate ... !
Herewith my report-back:
#1. Batch of cookies / make friends / stretch myself right out of that discomfort-zone of social interaction: Dear friends, I failed miserably. I hang my head in shame. I DID bake the cookies (proof below). But this afternoon only. Then I phoned the neighbour. Who was very friendly. (But busy.) And who sent her housekeeper to the fence. Where I handed over the cookies. And consequently did not attempt to contact a second neighbour. (Yet. Tomorrow is another day.) On the positive side: I did meet someone new, didn't I? - the housekeeper, who is a very nice lady indeed. Marks awarded - 3/10 for starting task.

#2. Wear-The-Beanie-project: This one went slighly better. Although it took me a week to work up the courage, I finally (last night) wore my beanie and silver sequinned scarf. Yay! I took the beanie off as soon as I sat down inside the restaurant, and I did hide the sequins a little bit with a knitted black scarf, but I think overall I did well. I even got a compliment on my beanie - okay, from a Surfer Dude, but I see them as experts on beanies, not so? Marks awarded - 7/10 for effort.

#3. Starting my 100 ideas journal: Now this was real easy. This one was FUN! And although I am no artist (as my drawing 'White Van Screeching' confirms) I am really enjoying carrying out the ideas. I have completed three so far - here are some pages below. Marks awarded: 9/10 for enthusiasm, 4/10 for artwork.

New list :
#1 Start my succulents-in-rusted-tin-cans collection - unashamedly copying something I saw in a house in Prince Albert a while ago.
#2 Inspired by iCiNG - get an inspiration/vision board going in my study.
#3 Phase 1 of my very own Tiny Guerilla Art Project! Yes!! Let the revolution commence!!! (and here I am talking Good Happy Art Revolution, friends, and not the more hideous type that is currently being advocated by Certain Very Irresponsible Persons in my country).

Do you have a new list? Have fun! And a wonderful weekend!


kendalee said...

Well done! Those cookies look yummy and should definitely be shared with your neighbours at a future date. Love your new list too! Am going to give some thought to mine and get back to you...

Anairam said...

kendalee: I can confirm that the cookies are yummy - vanilla biscuits decorated with silver balls. The silver was in celebration of the silver beanie project which I had completed the night before. I popped over to your blog and saw the inspiring One Thing - Be Brave post! How lovely! I will make a little poster of that and that will be the first thing to go up on my inspiration board!