Sunday, June 29, 2008

In Search of Bright ... or Kicking that Grey Away ...

I woke up feeling grey today. And although I think grey can be quite elegant in fashion and interiors, I do not enjoy feeling grey. What a good thing then that kendalee of Dance of A Painted Lady had just the thing to brighten my mood! Inspired by that, I skipped off to Kalkbay with a teeny bit of money in my pocket, to find some bright. And I did!!
I love proper linen or cotton napkins. But sometimes paper serviettes are so beautiful that one just cannot resist! And look, they put it in a beautiful polkadot carrier bag for me.
On the way back I took this photograph at a bus stop. Yep, that old Kung Fu Panda can just kick the grey away!!

A Tiny Tango post will follow later today.


Heather said...

Thank you for the comments on my blog~!

Those serviettes are super cool, sometimes you need a bit of happy colour to get you going

Scorpio said...

Hi Anairam, I have been reading your blog every day since a good friend introduced me to it. Well done - I give you 9/10 for dedication, creativity and clever conversation. Hope your husband does not get neglected though!
And has the neighbour popped in to say thank you for those lovely cookies yet?

kendalee said...

Hi Anairam, glad my post added a little bit of bright to your grey day. Thank you for stopping by! I love those serviettes. So pretty and just shouting for a fun occasion to break them out. Perhaps tea and cookies with the neighbours? ;o)

Sandra said...

My daughter attended a friend's photo exibition last night. I just thought you may also appreciate it (although some pictures are very greyish) at

Anairam said...

heather: I am glad you popped in. And yes, the happy colour made me feel better almost immediately!
scorpio: Every day?! Wow! I hereby present you with the Dedicated Reader of the Week Award! And do not worry - Le Husband never gets neglected ... well, not too much!
kendalee: A party! Oh, what a marvellous idea!
sandra: Thank you for that link. I enjoyed the photos - I especially liked a3, a7 and a15!