Monday, June 30, 2008

A green Monday

This is definitely not a blue Monday. I am thinking green today, which reminds me of warmer weather and spring, and other fresh and beautiful things. Like this roasted balsamic pear and rocket salad, which I am particularly fond of:

Slice one pear, sprinkle liberally with balsamic vinegar and less liberally with virgin olive oil. Pop under the grill. Toast some pine nuts in the meantime. On a bed of rocket leaves arrange little bits of blue cheese & some red kidney beans. Add warm pear slices and toasted pine nuts, drizzle with the warm dressing. Add ground salt and pepper. (If you are going to serve this as a starter, leave off the kidney beans & consider using toasted walnuts.)

I think I will serve this using these delightful potplant salad servers by Black and Blum, and then I will sit in my Tord Boontje Nest chair wearing my beautiful green turquoise necklace by Patricia von Musulin and page through Cool Green Stuff by Dave Evans (jotting down some notes in my Turn Over A New Leaf journal) while I nibble away at my salad. All of the above available at the MoMa online shop. (No, sillies, not the salad. ... )


kendalee said...

Oooh I like this! The whole green experience sounds lovely and I particularly fancy the salad. Am definitely going to try that one out! Thank you... It might help me think of warmer weather too. Oh, wait a minute, it IS summer here! Not that one would know it by looking out of my window at the moment. Maybe the sun will be back tomorrow...

Anairam said...

kendalee: I can now report that my salad indeed has magical qualities! I consumed it yesterday, wishing for spring as I did so, and today is a marvellous sunshiny day - 24 degrees - almost like spring! (Now make the salad - wish for something - and let me know if it comes true!)