Thursday, June 26, 2008

A package out of the blue ...

I was in a meeting this morning, at home, with the layout artist for a project I am working on, when .....

..... a white van screeched to a halt

...... and dropped a big bag
was ....

...... a rather beautiful box
box was .....

Oh, oh, oh!! The most beautiful pair of tango shoes!!!
To a dear, dear friend, who shares my love of tango, and who knows how One Girl coveted One Very Particular Pair of Tango Shoes.
A big, heartfelt, joyful thank you!!!


KiWi said...

You receive the nicest compliments. Those shoes are TMTH. So much better than getting flowers :)

kendalee said...

I love the way you told this story. So cute. And those shoes look like the sort of shoes that make for magic on the dance floor! :o)

Anonymous said...

I SO enjoy your blog and I can see you're having lots of fun with it! By now I've fleshed out some ideas for mine and I have a name. Just not taken THE PLUNGE yet! Missing out on Tango tonight - still blaming the TOE.
Stb Tango Lady

Anairam said...

kiwi: Oh my goodness, I had to google TMTH because I didn't know what it meant! I am rather text-challenged ... But now I've learnt something new. Yay! And those shoes are better than flowers, I agree - much, much better!
kendalee: I tried them out at my tango lesson tonight & they are indeed magical. Man, they are TMTH!!! xxxxx
Stb T Lady: We missed you tonight. Hope the toe gets better soon. If I can get you with your bandaged toe, C with his bandaged hand and J with her broken leg together I would like to make a nice pic! And call it the Dark Side of Tango Dancing!!

Mrs.French said...

lovely shoes...lovely blog...thank you for stopping by mine, so I could find you!

Bronwyn said...

Lovely, very glamorous, enjoy!!! Have a great weekend.

Anairam said...

Dear Mrs French: Thank you for appreciating my beautiful dancing shoes! It is my seventh pair. I don't think I have too many, do you?
Bronwyn: Oh, I DO love glamour, just a teeny weeny bit, every now and then! It makes me feel a little like Marilyn Monroe - the happy part of her ...!