Friday, June 20, 2008

A Little List of Three Little Things

I love lists, don't you? Not the boring kind, of course. I mean the other kind of list that is more goal-orientated. The list that gets us off our comfort-zoned butts and inspires us to do something to make our lives more exciting! So for today you have a little homework to do. Ha!! You did not expect that, did you? Get out the pens and paper, my angels. You are going to make a Little List of Three Little Things that you will do over the next week to make your life a little more exciting. Not big stuff, so as not to stress you out. Now, we all have areas where we feel good and are coping. Then there are those areas where we feel less comfortable and need to stretch a bit. ( One of my uncomfortable areas involves social contact. I have to psyche myself up totally to engage with people. I've been living here for two years now and hardly know anybody.) So one of my goals will be to engage a bit.

(#2 has nothing to do with #1 in case you were wondering. I just need to start wearing the damn beanie. Because I really like it.)
That was easy! Next week Friday will be report-back time. One of the reasons I am so inspired is my discovery of Keri Smith' s lovely website via re:make. I downloaded her 100 ideas pdf file, cut out the little squares, put them in a bottle and randomly picked one. (#42 if you are interested). That will be my first entry of my new journal today! I also love her concept of 'no attachment to outcome' with regards to her morning collages, and the scary 'wreck this journal' (instructions for an ongoing project on creative destruction!) Have fun - be creative - and enjoy the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi there Fraiing Lady!
Love the list idea. As I'm on leave, I already have a MONSTER SIZE list, but all including (typical me) the practical stuff I need to get sorted before I go back to work, i.e. tax, banking stuff, hairdresser, doctor check up, meet up with friends I never see due to work busyness, spoil my little vintage car (Toyota Conquest '89) to a valet, consider dental appointment!, go search out some uniform options for my staff, etc. etc.). All what I'd call LIFE ADMIN. So, no fun 'get out of comfort zone' type list items. You've inspired me though.... I have toyed with the idea of taking up sketching and of course to start my own blog. Have just not taken the plunge yet. Will you keep you posted! :-) I enjoy the creativity and amazing visuals on your blog. GO WILD!!!
Best wishes,
Stellenbosch Tango Lady

Anairam said...

Dear Stellenbosch Tango Lady,
I am glad I inspired you. Make your creative list tiny, with two or three very specific steps - then you will easily fit it in amongst the Life Admin stuff. Those are important too - if you neglect them they tend to loom, and cause horrible nightmares. In particular get the tax sorted out - I got a SARS payment in my account last week of R1600! Whoohoooo!!!!