Thursday, September 25, 2008


My Castle in Spain posted some wonderful photographs by Peruvian Martín Chambi. I love black and white photography, and I remembered these photographs by Brassaï (Gyula Halász) that I have been hoarding in a folder on my desktop.

(Photos from Masters of Photography and here)


karina said...

I am feeling very vintage today, I love the first one more!!!

Stephanie said...

These are just gorgeous. I could look at them all day.

My Castle in Spain said...

Oh Brassaï ! Am missing Paris these days..these photos have so much "atmosphère".
Thank you for mentioning my blog. It's very kind of you.

ps: in answer to your question, i think this group of people is sitting on sotnes or...potatoes. but i'll go and see the exhibition today so will confirm !

kendalee said...

These are gorgeous! The first three are romantic and atmospheric but I love the joyful abandon of the last one - kissing on a swing... What fun!

Anairam said...

karina - The first one is beautiful! I find it quite melancholic.
stephanie - Yes, I know what you mean! They would be stunning blown up big on a wall ...
my castle in spain - I mentioned your blog because I really like it! (I was wondering if they were some kind of potato! - I love potatoes, mmmm.)
kendalee - You are so right - the last one is really quite different because of its playfulness!