Monday, September 1, 2008

Foam Storm!

We had some pretty freaky & frightening storms this weekend! Gale force winds shaking and battering our little house, horizontal rain, ice pellets, humungous waves on our beach, where there seldom is a wave to be seen! Eek! I felt very privileged to be able to sit cosily inside in front of a fire. Although I used to love storms as a child, it is really difficult to enjoy them now, knowing that so many people facing the same wind and rain are living in dwellings of corrugated iron, plastic and cardboard, not so very far from where I live.

This photograph was taken in Sea Point (on the other side of the peninsula from where we live) yesterday. The swells were so high, and wind so strong, that roads next to the promenade were covered with foam and water!
Photo by Garth Stead.


kendalee said...

Hey this foamy thing is amazing! I remember seeing that in Sea Point once, years ago. Must be something about the way wind and waves combine in that little corner of the bay. Have you seen the pics over at Skinny laMinx's blog? So cool. Sorry that your weather's turned quite harsh again, and as you say, awful to think of how it must be for those living without heat or insulation! Hope you're keeping toasty though x

Anairam said...

kendalee - I have also seen the foam being blown over the promenade and onto the grass area, but never into the road! Not like this. I scanned in this photo (which was in the newspaper) but only saw Skinny La Minx's pics last night, otherwise I would have posted a link - they are SO cool!