Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Happiest of Doodles

I discovered Flora Chang of Happy Doodle Land a while ago, and I just love her doodles - when I grow up, I want to draw like that! Flora is a graphic designer and illustrator and mostly designs for children, but her work really appeals to me. (In every adult there is a child waiting to get out ...)
This angel makes me happy. She's got a heart and wings and words in the background, what more could I want?
This one has got a cute upturned nose, and flowers on her hat. I think it is a hat, but if it isn't, I wouldn't mind.

This one has the cutest little beret and a tail. And she plays with a yo-yo. Now that takes me back to my childhood. I could do The Waterfall, and The Cradle. Sort of.

She is blushing! I think she has just received a flower from her boyfriend. Or perhaps she is giving him one.
She is dancing. With a bird on her head. Which is pretty cool, I think.

This is one of my favourites - she reminds me of Francois van Reenen's Shy Girl which I posted about here.
This is my other favourite - it is called Sisters. I noticed it because I am a Gemini, and secondly because I have two sisters.
I think one of the reasons I so like these doodly characters is that they make me want to sit down and write a story. A Happy Story. There are so many delightful ones - do yourself a favour and browse through her blog. (Sadly, there is no mention of an Etsy shop!)


kendalee said...

That angel is the sweetest thing! These are gorgeous.

Anairam said...

kendalee - I think so too! They just make me happy when I look at them!