Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Seen on my Walks

One thing I love about living close to a naval base is that it makes for interesting walks. This is what I saw recently on a walk to Simons Town ...
I expected a nature walk:

But then I saw this:

And this!

My goodness! Were we being invaded? Eeeek! (The navy had recently purchased a new submarine, so I felt suitably protected, but still ... )
I was going to ask these three officers for clarification, but they were ensconced behind a serious-looking fence ... They looked quite relaxed though, so I supposed everything was still hunky dory?

And then I saw this:

Ohhhhh! Okay, now I understood!
But how was the President going to arrive? Surely not like this:
Perhaps like this?

Well, I never saw the President, but I did see some other nice people, so that is okay!


karina said...

Very funny!!!

kendalee said...

Very cool picture story! :) I hope the Pres didn't frighten the whales away with all his boats, planes and trains?

Anairam said...

karina - Glad you enjoyed it!
kendalee - Well, the parade of all our frigates and warships and submarines and helicopters and planes did take quite a long time, and there were definitely whales in the bay that week, so they probably took refuge at Hermanus until it was over!

Anonymous said...

now we know those were naval cadets who took the president away to the anc drydocks...