Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tracy Lynch

I would love an artwork by Tracy Lynch - a talented Cape Town artist. Some of her delicate portraits:

Her studio:

She also makes amazing stencils for decorating walls and floors:

(See here for more of her stencil designs.)


Freshly Found said...

wow this is great. I had seen her stencils before, but not her art! Is she the artist who lives just off a communal studio in Woodstock? Sounds like a great way to work and live!

Anairam said...

freshlyfound - Yep, that is her. I think there was a feature about the studio in either H&L or Elle Deco a while ago. I agree with you - to be able to work with like-minded spirits in the same space must be so inspirational!

karina said...

Love it!!!