Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Peek into my Home

I'm trying out my new camera inside (I won't take it outside yet, I am afraid the sea wind and sand and damp and stuff will damage it. Le Husband just laughs and laughs. I am afraid to say it is at me, and not with me. ) Anyway, I was inspired by the delightful Bronwyn of Smoke and Ochre (see her 'Corners of my Home' posts here and here and here) to show you some corners of my mine ...
Have had the manikin for a while, and the beaded sheep I got in Kalk Bay a couple of weeks ago. In the photo you can't really see it, but I love how it has one single black bead in its little white body - on the front leg. It is that bit of imperfection that makes it more charming and beautiful for me.
Old vintage toy car that belonged to Le Husband, and some rusty old tins that I collect.

A large wooden Buddha head that hangs against the wall outside our bedroom. I loved it the moment I saw it some years ago. I draped the sea shells (strung on wire) over it. I have many images of Buddha in my house (and one in the garden ) - I am very much drawn to aspects of Buddhism, and I feel a sense of peace with them around different corners of my house.
Here is a tiny wooden Buddha that sits on a mirrored coat rack I got years ago. The Indian paper mâché box and brass one inlaid with mother of pearl as well as the tiny fairy lights were given to me by various friends.
The tin lamp was given to me by a dear friend from the States, who is also a very clever man - a physicist - and he writes books and plays the oboe and sings in choirs and fences. (I hope you understand that he doesn't sing in fences ...) I am not quite sure why I paired it with the Virginia Woolf postcard (which I got from another friend). Perhaps because she also was clever and wrote books.
These are some stones I bought. I just thought they looked cool and they are so smooth & calming when you hold them in your hand. I've put them in an old silvered bowl that belonged to Le Husband's mom.
One of my favourite Buddha sculptures, paired with beautiful candle holders which a lovely friend gave me when she recently visited - she always seems to know exactly what I would love - I wish I had that knack! I got the silver-plated salt and pepper pots at a local charity shop, and I'm sure you recognise the folded book from here!
This heart I made by ironing shavings of wax crayon between layers of wax paper. I cut it out and hung it in the kitchen window, but after a couple of days it started curling, probably from moisture in the air, so I made a rough wire frame for it. Next time I will make the wire frame first and cut the heart to fit, although I actually like it uneven like this ...!


karina said...

I loved your post.
I want a Buddha, and I looking for someone.
The heart is incredible.
Really loved those corners!!!
Please visit me I want to show the bathtub that I got for my future home, I am very happu with it!

Stephanie said...

Oh, lovely, lovely!

I love the crayon heart - I make wax paper crafts too - I just love the texture.

(and maybe Virginia Woolf is by the lamp because she has been a beacon and guising light for so many ...)

kendalee said...

All SO beautiful and I think a home reflects the hearts that lives in it - thank you for the peek! I love all the texture and that manikin and adorable sheep combo - so cute!

It looks like you're having fun with your new camera and outside will always be there when you're ready to introduce them to each other. Let le husband laugh... ;o)

Anairam said...

karina - Glad you liked my corners. I've just visited your tub - and oh my, it is beautiful!
stephanie - I like your comment about VW - maybe subconsciously that is what I had in mind! Oh, and please show us on your blog what you do with wax paper? I'd love to see!
kendalee - I'm having great fun with the camera - I've taken quite a few more vignettes which I will post later. Doesn't that sheep just make you all happy and bo-peepy?

♥ Tiny Red said...

lovely! great details :)

Orange Pattern said...

What a wonderful blog! I enjoy the peaks into your home, your crafts and your photos. You like rusty old tins like I do...

Heather said...

Thanks for visiting my site! This heart is beautiful!! I am doing a similar project with my daughter with fall leaves. Very pretty...