Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Sense of Humour

Man, I would really like to own one of Cape Town artist Francois van Reenen's sculptures (which he describes as candy-coated cyanide bits). They appeal to my sense of humour.
Monster Love
Puppy Love
Night Swimming
Singing In the Rain

The Conversation
And my favourite:
Shy Girl


Eilandkind said...

wow, that is so cute.

kendalee said...

Lovely! So whimsical and they do, as you say, raise a smile :)

editor said...

crying boy is so sad. 'bored girl' is perfect too.
love these sculptures. wish the surfaces in my home weren't such stack magnets. can't leave one clear for half a day.

Bronwyn said...

I also like his work, I want the one with the car and dog.

Anairam said...

eilandkind - They are cute - I so love the Shy Girl one, as I can vaguely recall having done something similar when I was a very little girl!
kendalee - They are quite funny, although some of them definitely are more on the 'cyanide' side, I think! (I didn't show those.) Also, I find some of his drawings and paintings rather disturbing!
editor - Haha - stack magnets! That is a good term. Whenever I see an empty surface, some dark side of me whispers: Fill, fill, fillllllll .... to Le Husband's great annoyance.
bronwyn - Yes, isn't that dog too sweet? Also the dog in Night Swimming!

Red Fish Circle said...

Oh, the girl is my favorite too, these are wonderful!

Lady P said...

these are adorable!