Monday, August 11, 2008

The 4-candled birthday cake

It is Le Husband's birthday today. If you do a kind of numerology thing and add up the digits of his age, until you are left with one digit, he is 4.

So I drew him a birthday cake ... with four candles ....

Happy Birthday, Dear Heart!


Anonymous said...

Le 'usband is chuffed - he can still blow out four candles in one go - if only just. La Blogeuse is arranging a GREAT DAY! (Ain't she a wonderful girl?)

editor said...

le 'usband is one hundred and three???
way to go!


Anairam said...

Le 'usband - I hope you made your wish as you blew them out!
editor - Hahaha! Well, you may be closer than you think!

kendalee said...

Happy Birthday to le'usband!!! Sounds like you had all sorts of treats lined up so hope you both had a lovely, celebratory day! Lots of love to the Birthday boy... xox

editor said...


^^ just joking

always glad to have company in the over-10 crowd.
so he is either 13, 22, 31, or 40.
did i miss one? oh, of course, how silly of me, 04.

Anonymous said...

I may incur the wrath of la B'euse but let me reveal the reason for 4 candles: It is because le 'usband is cute,


Anairam said...

kendalee - Oh, a lovely day was had by all! We even spotted two whales. Now hang on, was that before or after the chardonnay & sauvignon blanc?
editor - Well, he could also be 85 as 8+5=13 and 1+3=4. Opens up a whole new range of possibilities, doesn't it?
anonymous - Oh you naughty thing you! Giving it all away ...

editor said...

wow, it sure does!!!