Wednesday, August 20, 2008


& is just about my favourite character. It just seems so pretty & useful & clever. Look here to see how the symbol evolved from the Latin word 'et'.
Oh Joy recently posted a lovely cast iron & sculpture (from House Industries):
which reminded me of some other &s I've sourced before, like this pillow (via Design*Sponge)

& this aluminium & from Anthropologie (photo from here)
Don't you just love this bracelet from hello berlin ?

& I really like this plaster wall & too (available from kuber)

& what about this gocco card set from seaborgium?

How cute is this vintage typewriter key charm by keysandmemories? I would wear it on a cerise velvet ribbon around my neck!

Oh, & a lovely bookend by crowswithbows ...

& this pillow available from cafepress!

& if like me you are an & junkie, there is always The Ampersand, a site devoted to the beauty of the &!


Stephanie said...

I love an ampersand! That was the name of the magazine my best friend and I created in high school.

These are great finds!

d.Sharp said...

These are fun! love all of them.

At the coast last month I picked up a handful of vintage ampersand wood type blocks - yikes, something new to collect.

Bronwyn said...

Very nice! I want one of those signs, in fact I want it all!
PS How's the journalling going?

Anairam said...

stephanie - What a great name for a magazine - I hope you kept some copies!
d-sharp - Oh my, what a find! Are you also an obsessive collector? So far I am collecting tins, book covers, walking sticks, rosaries from around the world, buddhas, and metally bits I pick up on my walks ...
bronwyn - I would love a big old & on my wall! But for the moment I have decided to try and make a cut-out one to paste on the door of my work room - I saw a project on Bloesem a while ago, and I think an & will be a lovely graphic to use! (PS The journal is happening - albeit slowly - I've made three new entries)

WendyB said...

These are so clever.

{this is glamorous} said...

Fun post -- love the way everything came together!