Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Wedding!!!!

On 30 November 2006 the Civil Unions Bill was enacted, making South Africa the first country in Africa, and the fifth country in the world, to legalize same-sex marriages.
And today, 7 August 2008, my two most beloved and favourite girls in the whole wide world will get married! I think this is so cool. So I drew a picture just for the two of you.

With much love and best wishes for all the happy years ahead!


Anonymous said...

Congrats with much love from le 'usband of La Blogeuse

kendalee said...

How lovely!! Weddings still so appeal to the romantic in me. Congratulations to your two special girls!

Stephanie said...

Congratulations, congratulations! Weddings are such a hopeful thing - people stepping into the future hand in hand.

And I didn't know that about South Africa - kudos, South Africa!

Anairam said...

anon - Sweetie pie!
kendalee - Weddings can be so special! I'm not really into the huge orchestrated affairs, but something simple, with a few friends and family, is so wonderful. They had champagne and ginger choc brownies, and Le Husband & I cracked a bottle of bubbly here in C.T. to toast them!
stephanie - Oh yes, mostly South Africa is just the best place in the whole wide world to be! We do have our problems, but we can be pretty progressive too!

editor said...

very welcome news about south africa, and for your friends, congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Oh oh oh!! Les special girls are sooo excited about being on a blog and receiving congrats from all over. Even a song from Sweden. Thanks everybody!!
We had such a lovely morning and the little ceremony was very moving. How wonderful to have love and hope and companionship.

Anonymous said...

Much love appreciated le 'usband and La Blogeyse!!! and everyone else on the 'globe'. We 'unionized' the unconventional way. Honeymoon in Paris first, followed by all the formal deeds (and the ring exchanging which was a HUGE moment in our lives!)XXElfinXX

Anairam said...

editor - I know that the ladies will enjoy & appreciate everybody's good wishes!
anon1 & anon2 - My dears, from the photos I can see that you had a wonderful, wonderful wedding. And to have a honeymoon in Paris first is sooooo sophisticated and clever!