Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Car boot sale Happiness!

Some of my recent acquisitions, either at car boot sales or charity shops:

A colander - or maybe for frying chips? I just think it is pretty - a big old happy sunflower!

I love these (I have five now) - they look stunning with spring blooms or just a single rose. And I have acquired instantaneous yachting and golfing kudos!

How can you not love them? My winter dolls are style icons!

These remind me of my mom - stainless steel little teapot (for my rooibos tea) and a gravy boat. Not that I ever make gravy.

A tiny silver vase.

These are old vintage teacups which are planted up with mini succulents. She was selling about 50 of these, I should have got more!

One of my favourites - a tiny wooden springbokkie. I only paid R2 for it!


kendalee said...

Ooh, lovely loot! No wonder you're happy with your haul. I think your springbokkie is my favourite too (although rather fancy the sunflower colander/fryer thingie as well) and I love the photograph of it - the contrasting textures on the table are beautiful.

Heather said...

The little springbok is adorable, and I love those trophies too.
You must have really good shops and car boot sales where you are, I can only ever find tat, and expensive tat at that!

Bronwyn said...

Great stash! I've goven you an award, please see my blog for details.

Bronwyn said...

Ummmm...given you an award, I haven't been drinking, promise:)

Corri Taylor said...

the dolls are lovely just lovley! and the sprinbokkie is oh so cool nice finds for wonderful prices.

Anairam said...

kendalee - I've hung the sunflower thingie in my kitchen!
heather - You must come out Simons Town way on the first Saturday of a month - there is a carboot sale from 7:30 to 11 am at the Phoenix Hall in Glencairn Heights, and also a little street junk market in Simons Town itself. Winter is probably not the best time - there are fewer traders, but even so, I've never come away without some treasure picked up for R5 or R10!
bronwyn - Oh thanks for my award!! I am very chuffed with it - I'm going to print it out & put it on my inspiration board.
corri - Thank you so much for popping in! (I tried to visit your blog as well but your door is locked!)