Monday, September 8, 2008

Projects - reportback

Well, I've been a busy little bee. Here are the results of my labours over the weekend ...
The Paper Heart:
As I said, easy peasy. I practiced on three scrap pages, and now I can do it without instructions.(A useful skill should you ever be stuck somewhere, have some scrap paper and need to impress some kid, although the Bird With Flapping Wings is better for that.) I am now looking for beautiful paper (bigger than A4) to make a bigger heart for a card. They might also make a nice mobile, all in white, don't you think?
The Paper Vase:
Not as easy as I thought. Firstly, just cutting the pages doesn't work - there is not enough to go around properly, unless you do two separate books and then glue the two halves together. I chose to add bulk by folding in addition to cutting. And another thing, I should have listened to Stephanie of evencleveland and acquired a proper craft knife!
I am hoping that imperfection will be transformed into charm when paired with an old rusted tin (another of my collecting obsessions) and a piece of washed-up wood (picked up on Noordhoek beach).
The Magazine table:

Okay, this was not one of my original projects but I was absolutely wowed by the side table that Denise (of Freshly Found) made (the wonderful woman actually posted instructions!), and promptly made one myself. It is sooooo easy (the perfect project for someone like moi) and remarkably sturdy.

I am planning to replace the red plate on top with a circular piece of perspex, I think. I have also (since taking the pictures) removed the middle plate, it is not necessary and I like the streamlined look better.
(PS All pics taken by me with my brand-new Canon SLR - yes, I decided to take the plunge, and I am so chuffed with it! I'm also broke but who cares. Still using it on the Basic settings, though.)


karina said...

You are good!!!

Heather said...

Holy moly, you're like a papery-artsy-dynamo! I love the folded book, especially.

Freshly Found said...

Lovely to see all your hard work - and the table too! The perspex top sounds like a great idea!

Mrs.French said...

so talented!

Anairam said...

karina - I am so inspired by everything I see on people's lovely blogs, and I so appreciate the encouragement I get from people like you! I've never been good with my hands, so I'm kind of chuffed when I try something and it doesn't completely flop!
heather - Man, I am stoked! (If that is the correct expression). I love working with paper. I think I'm making that my next career (I've had several already...) Yep, I'm calling myself a Papery Artsy Dynamo from now on. Wanna design my business card?
freshly found - Thanks so much for sharing the inspiration and posting those instructions!
mrs french - Oh, I'mn lapping it up! I'm like a 2 year old kid with her first wax crayon drawing. Look, look, mommy! Look!!

kendalee said...

Cool projects - Papery Artsy Dynamo indeed! I'm also really chuffed to see the quilt you mentioned. It's gorgeous - love the colours!

up and down town said...

i can't believe you made that...
i am so impressed. i usually end up super gluing my fingers together when i attempt projects.