Monday, April 27, 2009

My Downfall

Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of lentil soup, and I will sell mine for a packet of Granny Ticklemouse Ginger Biscuits. Yes, they will be my downfall. I am totally addicted to them and so only allow myself a packet once (okay, okay, sometimes it's twice or thrice) a year. This is how it went on Saturday:

12h10 - Mmmmm, I really feel like a GTGB. I think I'll walk down to the shop and get a packet. I'll just have one a day. Okay, two. So I can stretch out the packet for 9 days. Yum!

12h25 - Gee, walking up the hill back to our house is hard work. Let me open the packet and have one biscuit for energy.

12h35 - Yay, I made it up the hill! Now for a cup of tea and a GTGB. Okay, make it two.

12h40 - Gosh, I still have half a cup of tea left, I'll just have to have another biscuit otherwise the tea will feel sooooo lonely travelling down to my stomach.

14h00 - Time for lunch! I think I'll make a nice healthy salad. And while I make it, I'll have just one teeny GTGB. After all, I'm only having salad for lunch. Omigosh, these bikkies are SO good. I'll just have one more. Then I'll have my salad.

14h10 - (Guilt sets in). Okay, so I'll leave off the chickpeas and olive oil.

14h30 - Hmmm, that salad was quite good. Healthy too! And just think of all the calories I saved by not adding chickpeas and olive oil!! I'm pretty sure I've saved enough calories to warrant one more GTGB. Yum. I'll put the packet away right now. Aaaah, what the hell, I'll have another two and call it pudding.

15h00 - Hmmmm rain! I think I'll have a little snooze on the sofa.

15h45 - Goodness, did I dream that or did I sleepwalk to the tin and had another biscuit? Oops, there are crumbs on the sofa, so it couldn't have been a dream ...

16h00 - Well, I guess I'd better go for a good healthy walk. But just in case I feel a little weak on the way, let's boost those energy levels with a GTGB right now! And I'll take another one along for provisions. One never knows in SA, I may very well be kidnapped and at least then I'll be able to nibble on a GTGB while negotiations for my release take place (or not) ...

17h20 - Wow, that was a good walk! I feel so energized and healthy! I must have burnt stacks of calories. I guess that means I can have one little biscuit ...

19h00 - Okay, time to make supper. Hey, who left the GTGBs out?? That L'Usband! Jeez, he must have eaten at least two! Gosh, some people can be so greedy. Honestly. I'll have to have one now to catch up. Honestly, some people!

20h00 - Well, that was a good supper. Pity I did not make any dessert. A GTGB will be just the thing ... Hey, there are only two left! Okay, so I'll have one and I'll save one for L'Usband.

20h10 - Actually, now that I think of it, L'Usband doesn't really like biscuits that much. I mean, he only had two. Wouldn't he have taken more if he really, really liked them? I think that means I can have the last one.

21h00 Funny, I only had a salad for lunch and a bit of pasta for supper. Yet I feel quite ... sated ...


Sarah said...

Ha ha ha! I really want to try one now-they should get you into their marketing department at once! Though they obviously have someone good already to have picked the cutest name ever for a biscuit. Beats Hob Nobs, Digestives or Rich Teas-pah-the biscuits of yesterday!
I have given you an award-that's originally what I popped in to say!

kendalee said...

Seems like perfect logic at work to me! I don't have GTGBs to tempt me (and they do sound delicious!) but I apply similar rationale to other biscuits, handmade chocolates and boxes of cupcakes... And you know, in these hard economic times it could be argued that it is our civic duty to help keep Granny Ticklemouse and other people who bake and make these delights in business?

aimee said...

a day documented through food! love it!

Freshly Found said...

I have the same story here - just different names and place!

Jesse said...

They are that good!