Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Cloche for Mrs Pendlebury. From New York.

I was at school with Albertus. I always admired him from a distance, knowing that he would do something interesting with his life. And I was right - the rest of us became accountants and clerks and programmers and shop assistants, but Albertus became a milliner. In New York.

Albertus Quartus Swanepoel in his studio in NY (Photo by Steven Torres)

Studio in NY (Photo by Steven Torres)

Cloches above and below by Albertus Swanepoel for Proenza Schouler. (Photos by Don Ashby and Olivier Claisse)

A chocolate leather cap for Proenza Schouler (photo by Don Ashby and Olivier Claisse)

And a not very PC mink ski cap for Proenza Schouler (photo by Don Ashby and Olivier Claisse)

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karina said...

Wow! I think nobady at my school became an artist.

kendalee said...

Loving those black cloches! Also really like Albertus' shirt. He looks like he'd be an interesting person to know.

Anairam said...

karina - Well, nobody in your school may have become an artist, but "Asesora de imagen" sounds pretty creative to me! And just looking at your blog, which is beautiful, I can see how artistic you are!
kendalee - Oh, I covet one of those black cloches. Especially now my hair is cut in a short 1920's bob!

Stephanie said...

Holy moly! These are terrific.

and the cloches make my heart sing.

Anairam said...

stephanie - I think one of them will be just right for the delightful Miss Enid Boynton!