Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Villa in Positano

This 18th century Italian villa was updated by Lazzarini Pickering Architteti, in 2004. Although not quite my style, I like the colour in the interior. And the view!

Photos by Matteo Piazza. Found via Yatzer.


kendalee said...

Gorgeous colours indeed! Positano is one of my very favourite places anairam - so picturesque! Also significant (for us) as the place that my sister and I bumped into Sir Cliff Richard! In fact, scenically it reminds me a lot of certain spots around the Cape Peninsula in your beautiful country.

Stephanie said...

I love the Amalfi Coast ... I spent the happiest week of my life there.

Great villa.

Anairam said...

kendalee - Oh lucky you! (Not so sure about Cliff Richard though, I think I would have preferred Rupert Everett ...)
stephanie - And lucky you too! It sounds like it was a really Special week!!

♥ Tiny Red said...

ohh these are wonderful! great patterns too!

kendalee said...

Yeah, I sooooo agree on the Rupert vs Cliff option! Pity you can't pick your celebrity sightings. We were just taken aback to find Sir Cliff sight-seeing like a normal guy and to find ourselves standing next to him admiring the cupola of the church in Positano. Bit surreal!