Thursday, July 31, 2008

Here's Heath

Heath Nash is a seriously talented South African designer. (He may also be a serious, talented designer, who knows?) Here are a few of his designs I really, really like:

The White Flower Light. I will not worry about the dusting issue at this point ...

Coloured Flower Light. How can you not be happy looking at one of these?

I think this The Little Wire Stool is great. It is just about the right size for milking cows. Okay, maybe not.

The White Screen. I think this is beautiful. It has just enough Peek-through Potential to be interesting, I would say. Depending of course on where you use it.

(All pictures from PingMag. For how Heath works, see here).


Freshly Found said...

I am a fan of Heath Nash, seriously! He has such a pleasing style!

kendalee said...

Oh, I am in love! Who'd have thought recycled bottles could be so gorgeous?! I LOVE those flowerball lights and Heath Nash for making them. People can be so wonderfully creative and clever can't they?

Stephanie said...

I love Heath Nash's work - it has a nice touch of whimsy.

Anairam said...

freshly found - I am glad you like him too! DO you have anything of his?
kendalee - Yes, and I find it so charming that he picks up his own bottles. Well, maybe not anymore, but he used to!
stephanie - He seems to be well-known all over - I think that is really cool as we have such great talent to share with the rest of the world!

Freshly Found said...

No unfortunately I don't. I came close to buying one of his Coat Racks at the Design Indaba last year, but wasn't sure how I would handle it on the plane!