Thursday, July 10, 2008


I realize now I've been going about this the wrong way. I've been dreaming about spring and ice-cream cones and floaty dresses and strappy sandals, making myself miserable, when, instead, I should be embracing winter. Live in the moment and all that. So I'm thinking layers. I love layers. At this precise moment I have on: the silver & black beanie (yay!!), charcoal pants, black woollen tights, black poloneck jersey, black 3-button jersey over that, black 3/4 woollen coat over that, ankle-length grey coat over that. My grey fluffy slippers. Oh yes, and my super homemade Dickens gloves. But maybe I should get some layered fashion advice, so as to make myself look more like a model and less like a polar bear. I hopped over to my favourite SA fashion site (ifashion) for inspiration and did a search for 'layered'. I got mostly the superella label, by the talented and quirky Ella Buter. Here are some images:
Mm. I could quite like this one, if I can work out what's going on with the brown skirt at the top. Is she packing a Beretta or what?
Nice! I like the flat sandals with coloured socks and the layered skirts. And I love that shirt-collar! Not too sure about the wrap though - for myself, I'd change it to a wide crocheted coat.
Another double-layered skirt. I really like the little cape and the knitted mussie.
Also love this one with the dropped waist. I'm thinking that it would also look really nice with a pair of wide pants underneath. (Plus I can use my granny's knee blankie.)
Errrr. Do I want to look like I'm a Ben-Hur extra? I don't think so! But I like the crochet scarf thingie.

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