Friday, July 18, 2008

A Little List Report-back

This was my list last week.
  1. Maybe it is because I stayed in most of this week and only ventured out once for grocery shopping and a tango class. Or maybe my eyes and ears were just not open enough. Although three small opportunities presented themselves, and I responded, maybe more generously than I would normally, I cannot truly say that I've completed this item. The Grand Moment for the Grand Gesture did not appear. It is probably not something that will just happen on the spur of the moment and spontaneously, as I had wanted it to. As in most successful projects in life, I suspect that a little planning is needed ...
  2. I made bunting galore! I used .... old magazines, and before you start laughing, maybe you should consider the beauty and brilliance of my project: you don't have to go out and buy expensive fabric; you are earning greenie points for recycling your old junk; you can mix and match your flags; and the opportunities for artistic expression are endless.
    Method: I cut out the triangles, machine-sewed them back-to-back, and threaded them onto ribbon. What could be easier? Here are two that I made:

The Monochrome Bunting

All in black and white from an Art issue of PoP (the UK fashion mag). This one will be just perfect for a party of sophisticates. We will sip champagne and schlurp oysters, but very elegantly, mind you. We will discuss Derrida and Lacan and sigh deeply. No children allowed, as the poor dears may very well get nightmares at the mere sight of a PoP fashion spread.
The Vogue Bunting
Much more colourful, this one, made from an old Vogue (US) issue.

I used size tape as ribbon - I think the 28" 71 cm is just about right for a Vogue model, don't you? Or perhaps not.

For this party I will invite fashionistas. (I am yet to meet them because I don't know any). We will eat miniature cupcakes and giant celery sticks and play a party game of guessing Which Label - Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, Miu Miu ... Then we will try on one another's shoes.

Leftovers from last week:
  1. Made the potato-dish, but unfortunately we had gobbled it all up before I could take a pic. Sorry. But is was nice, especially with Gruyere cheese.
  2. Released the balloon.
  3. Made 2 more entries in my 100 ideas journal.
  4. But did not place my guerilla artwork.
So, no new list this week. (But many ideas for it ....) I first have to catch up!


kendalee said...

Please may I come to one or both of those parties?! I'm sure I could be a sophisticated fashionista if need be ;o) Love your bunting! x

Anairam said...

kendalee - Oh, but of course! As long as you don't mind being the only sophisticated fashionista there ... The rest of us will look and learn!

Stephanie said...

adorable buntings.

Anairam said...

stephanie - Thank you! The monochrome one is currently hanging in our bedroom. Le Husband, I suspect, is not quite so keen on it. But I have many more ideas - I have some old sheet music which I think will make lovely bunting!