Monday, July 21, 2008

On Haloumi and Birkenstocks

I've always associated haloumi with tofu, and both of those with hairy-legged individuals dressed in baggy cheesecloth and Birkenstocks. With socks. The other day I bought some haloumi. And yesterday I invented a delicious salad with it:

Salad leaves, some watercress, mint leaves and just a tiny bit of carrot and beetroot, julienned. Add three or four sliced strawberries, chopped almonds, lots of lemon juice and a teeny bit of olive oil. Top with three slices of haloumi, grilled until brown and bubbly.
I really should buy haloumi more often ... and perhaps get myself a pair of Birkenstocks, like this one from their Heidi Klum range, with a dragonfly in swarovski crystals ...


kendalee said...

Mmm, never really been sold on Birkenstocks but those do have a certain stylish something about them. And haloumi... I love! So yummy & melty. Your salad look delicious!

Anairam said...

kendalee - Yes, I'm getting fearfully creative in my salad experimentations! Who knows what will be next - tofu, maybe?