Friday, July 4, 2008

Report-back: A Little List ...

This was my Little List last week.

1. Succulents in Rusted Tin Cans: Done! I had already started a couple of weeks ago by collecting my tin cans, washing them and putting them outside to rust. The rust had come along nicely, so this week was the week for action. I made some coasters from thick cardboard to go underneath - we do not want the rust to stain the surfaces, do we?
(Marks: 9/10 for forward planning; 8/10 for final result)

2. Make an inspiration/mood board. Fun, fun, fun! Why did I wait so long before getting a mood board going in my new study? And I made it myself! Used an old large frame, bought some chicken wire (I saw this idea in a magazine or blog, but can't remember where, sorry ...).

Some budgeting pointers if you want to do the same:
a) Chicken wire is more expensive than you think, so buy enough for the size of frame (add cost of extra chicken wire as a result of not measuring the frame and buying too little)
b) Do not attempt to cut the wire with your paper scissors like one very, very silly girl I know who was too lazy to go find the toolbox (add cost of new scissors)
c) Chicken wire is sharp, darlings. Ouch! (add cost of Betadene & plasters)
(Marks allocated: 3/10 for patience (lack of ...) & bad financial planning; 6/10 for execution; 10/10 for joy derived)

3. The Tiny Guerilla Art Project - Phase 1 completed (some preliminaries plus design of work #1) This weekend will see Phase 2 (creation of work #1) and next week Phase 3 (implementation/placement of #1). I undertake to make and place a minimum of 6 tiny works over the next 6 months. So, keep a lookout, dear friends, because you don't know when ... you don't know where .... but be assured, the Revolution cometh ....
(Marks allocated: none yet, let's await the completion of Phase 2 and 3 ...)

New list:
1. Inspired by this post on evencleveland I will find a red balloon - preferably a helium-filled one and let it loose in public. I'll attach a little message to it. Yippeee - I already feel uplifted!
2. Make myself a poster based on this from kendalee's blog.
3. Source and make one new vegetarian recipe. (Any ideas? Anyone?)
Ongoing projects:
a) 100 ideas journal (I made 3 new entries this week) And am so inspired by Bronwyn's beautiful pages!
b) Tiny Guerilla Art Project - phase 2 and 3 for work #1.
That's it! Have a lovely and creative weekend, and whatever you do, enJOY!
x Anairam


kendalee said...

Very, very cool anairam! I especially LOVE your inspiration board - shame about the extra cost, the ruined scissors and the sore fingers but from what I can see, it was SO worth it! I am also looking forward to the results of your next list... Your "three things" project is definitely one of my favourite weekly features on your blog. Long may it continue :o)

Anairam said...

kendalee: I am glad you like my Little List project! Plasters are off now, but I still have some wire left for a smaller board - this time I will wear thick leather gloves though ...