Friday, July 25, 2008

A Little List and a Happy Weekend!

(Collage by dadadreams.)

My Little List for this Week
1. I have never made jelly in a mould. Only in a regular old bowl. So, inspired by stephanie's post here, I am going to make a jelly in the mould I found at a carboot sale. And then I will eat it!
2. I will engage in a teeny bit of activism - nothing too serious, so don't get worried. Unless of course I am arrested. Then I will expect the usual cake with file from friends, to be delivered at Pollsmoor Prison. I started planning it after seeing something this week and then reading something. I hope to be able to record it and do a post on this blog. Le Husband has agreed to drive the getaway car!
3. Inspired by kendalee's beautiful journal pages (and bronwyn's and dawn's) I want to start a second journal. The '100 ideas' one is fun, and I will still do 2 or 3 entries a week, as I am quite interested in the creative process that happens when I think and plan and eventually execute each item (and some of them are really odd - like #39!), but I also want something that is a little more cohesive, based on my own ideas. And spend a little more time and effort on each page!
1. I can report back that my guerilla artwork (inspired by this) has been placed. Yayy!!! It made me so happy, and I hope it will make someone else happy as well. It was placed in Cape Town on Wednesday 23 July 2008, at approximately 11.50 am. I liked the secretive aspect of it, it gave me quite an adrenaline rush. The idea of someone finding it, and perhaps taking it home, is awesome. Oh my goodness, what fun! Unfortunately I couldn't record the placing of it - I might have been marched off by security guards. The design of the second work is in progress. I have in mind quite a few venues for the placing of it, but it must remain, I fear, A Secret.
2. Remember the cookie-baking a couple of weeks ago? Well, the nextdoor kiddiewinkles came by to say thank you - and three cute little things they are too!

Have a lovely weekend - eat a little jelly, be a little naughty, make a little something, and as always, have lots of fun!


kendalee said...

How lucky for the person who discovers your guerilla artwork, anairam!!! It surely feels wonderful to know that you are the source of someone's delight in this way? I must say I am bursting with curiosity to know what you have made but I can see how the secrecy is central to the idea. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about the results of your new, very tantalising, list too! :o)

Anairam said...

kendalee - I am thinking of creating a blog to post a photo & info about each little artwork. (I have already created a special email address so that people can, if they wish, send email if they find it.)