Monday, July 14, 2008

Other people's junk

I love other people's junk & cast-offs, I really do. Today I visited a charity shop near where I stay - it is a very good one - always packed with shelves of old crockery and kitcheny bits and rails of clothing and boxes that you can scratch through. I got a short black and cream wrap skirt - perfect for over jeans, and a crocheted fringed cream shawl. And a beautiful old silver-plated salt&pepper set. All for R50! (Very rough conversion - divide by 7 for US$ and divide by 15 for GBP. See! It is almost for nothing!)
Here are a few of my recent carboot sale treasures:

A bit rusted, but that is part of its charm. I use it in my kitchen to keep bits & pieces.

A little silver-plated apple. I think it is meant for mustard or something. And it came with its own teeny spoon. It is so cute, it makes me want to put it on the head of a teeny dwarf and get out my crossbow and arrow.

A set of eight crocheted placemats - I like the blue colour but would love it even more if it was lighter. I want to try & bleach them, or will that ruin them?

Vintage buttons - with the original old cards attached - I have them in red, green and yellow now. They ought to come in handy - like if I want to make a Lithuanian or Senegalese flag entirely out of buttons one day ...

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