Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Cure for Feeling Grotty

Oh dear, I feel very grotty today. Let's not use the word 'hypochondriac', but I do have a healthy fear of germs. And I can pinpoint the EXACT moment this pesky specimen entered my system. I visited a client on Friday, where I had to make about a zillion photocopies on their (public) photocopier. I was pressing away on the Start button (helpfully coloured in red - for GERMS) and then, can you believe it, I popped that very same index finger into my mouth! (I had to separate some pages, okay...) The moment I did it, I went Eeeeek!!!

Too late, too late .... I woke up on Saturday with sore throat, throbbing head, runny nose. It didn't help that I then proceeded to walk (in pouring rain) to our local carboot sale. (It only happens once a month, and I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world - a post later in the week will reveal all the lovely things I have picked up there over the last couple of months). And
afterwards I met my brother & his beautiful son (here for a visit from the United Arab Emirates) for breakfast. (The wise thing would probably have been to stay in bed with a hotwater bottle and lots of lemony tea, but who needs wisdom when you can have family and friends - and carboot sales!) So this morning I felt very sorry for myself indeed. When I feel grotty & sorry for myself, getting a little prezzie always makes me feel much better. And I found some lovely prezzies in blogworld! Isn't it wonderful how giving and generous people are? Here are some of what I found - which I am now passing on to you. (Not to worry, the germs I will keep to myself ... )
Free downloadable stationery from CreatureComforts:

and soaplabels for a special soapie gift (again from CreatureComforts) - download here

A downloadable monthly calendar from nubbytwiglet:

And wallpaper, made by StarStGermain, also downloadable from nubbytwiglet. (I am using mine as a mini-poster on my inspiration board):

Beautiful lacy labels & notepad from aprintaday:

Lovely desktop wallpaper from metremade (which I have printed and used as endpapers for my journal):

And my personal favourite - a downloadable private eye ID card (and other goodies) from 16sparrows! (found via design crush)

Remember, all of the above are for personal use only, okay!
Have fun, darlings!


jacques said...

Thanks for your kind words for my work. I am enjoying seeing your work as well.

Anairam said...

Jacques: Thanks for stopping by. I am so fired up by your beautiful wrapping paper that I spent this afternoon 'watercolouring in' a store-bought sheet of wrapping-paper. I will post it on my blog later this week.

Lady Smaggle said...

he he Mr Smaggle and I say 'grubby' when we're feeling gross. My work mate says 'uddin' which is Chinese for yucky. I like 'grotty'!

Anairam said...

lady smaggle: Thanks for the new words. For the record, this is my fourth day of feeling grotty, grubby and utterly uddin. (Though I must add, I'm always a bit wary to use foreign words in case I've misunderstood the context of meaning. I mean, I wouldn't want to say to "shame, are you feeling uddin today?" to a Chinese person and then be severely whacked over the head with, let's say, a chinese paper lantern ...)