Monday, July 28, 2008

Tentacled moleskines

I love these moleskines with laser-etched covers by Modofly. Actually, the designs are by talented London artist, Dan Hillier.

( found via BoingBoing)


Stephanie said...

I love these. They are the kind of thing that I would be a little afraid to use, because they are so beautiful.

kendalee said...

Very appealing and a little repulsive at the same time I find. There's something a little bit sinister in the half person/half octopus thing. But they are so beautifully executed.

Anairam said...

stephanie - Oh, I know what you mean. I have a beautiful journal, A4 size, handmade and covered in plum suede, that has remained unused for FOURTEEN years because I am too afraid to spoil it!
kendalee - It is the bizarreness in these designs that I find so appealing, I think!