Saturday, July 12, 2008

First online issue of itch!

(picture by Paula Zapata)
itch is a South-African magazine for creative expression - including both literary and visual works. After 5 print issues they have brought out the first online issue. Have a look, especially at the visual section (called nonText). It has some rather nice pieces & the mag is really more interesting than the cover (which looks a little like an advert for Spoornet) would suggest.
I've had a little peek and the theme seems to be Forward Slash, as in / if you know what I mean. There is even a semi-philosophical musing about the Meaning of Slash. Oh. Now I get it. The front cover I mean.
(Hey, we can go through the entire keyboard! Oh, I know, everybody will want to grab & and ? and @. But I want to do the Meaning of Caret. No really, I can muse quite deeply about that ...)

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