Thursday, January 1, 2009


Dear Friends, I hope you all have a wonderful, happy and prosperous New Year!
My wish for you:

... to its fullest ... xxx Anairam


kendalee said...

I like the sound of that! And I wish the same for you. Creative adventures, heartfelt discoveries and moments shared... k ♥

Linda Sue said...

OK! Good idea! Thank you, and maybe monkeys in the yard- I would like that!

Stephanie said...

Happy New Year!

Sarah said...

Happy New Year to you too!

maria said...

hi! I'm maria from Italy. I found your blog reading lady Smaggle's one, and I like it very much so I just linked it on my personal blog, which is about books but unfortunately only in italian.
have a happy new year 2009,

Anairam said...

kendalee - thank you dear kendalee! The creative adventures sound exciting - I cannot wait to see how BlogWorld is going to inspire me! I have to finish my fabric projects first and then - on to a new LIST!!

linda sue - I saw a whole group of them again today - but this time on the road. I'll give them your address - maybe they'll go and visit!

stephanie - thank you!

sarah - and thank you, too!

maria - I am so glad that you like my blog - I hope you will visit again soon! Oh, I wish I could speak Italian - your blog looks so interesting!