Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pink is Pretty

I had fun looking for pink things to photograph today. As usual, I have way too many. I must learn to edit.

Pink geranium in my garden.

Section of a Marlene Dumas painting. I love her work.

Handle of African sweep/brush thingie. I got it here.

The inside lining of my Couch Potato bag. Handmade. In South Africa.

My pink highlighter. I use it to "tick off" things in my moleskine diary. Oh, what a feeling of accomplishment - viewing all those pink stripes at the end of the day ...

The front cover of my online craft course journal. Observations on my daily life.

A pink scarf I own but have stopped wearing. The flowery bits fall off and I trail little fabric roses wherever I go ...

A pink net for fishing things out of rock pools. In shop window in Simons Town.

Wrapped pillar in Simons Town main street. This is where I had a cappuccino this morning. It was good.
Fake flower in front of The Meeting Place in Simons Town. Where I had the cappuccino. The leaves are real though ... The coffee too.

Fabric of cushion inside The Meeting Place.


Linda Sue said...

Delightful pinkables!! I wonder why would a post be wrapped in pink- and then I came to my senses- "why not"? Pink is a colour of well being, or so they say in mental institutions which have gone from green to pink- also prisons...Pink is tender and
vulnerable, maybe that is why it is not considered a "male" colour.... I love pink food!
Cheers- thanks for the PINK!

kendalee said...

Very pretty indeed! Love the diversity of the pictures...

I read somewhere that pink is appealing to people who are emotional and intuitive... I always worried about this as it was not a colour that appealed to me much (and I didn't like to think I was emotionally stunted or tooooo rational!) but I find lately I am quite drawn to it. I wonder if this means the above was wrong or I'm just mellowing?

curious girl (lisa) said...

wow! you really had a pink day. lovely sightings. and I think that you should trail little flowery bits everywhere you go.

svetlana said...

I see that the grey clouds it has gone away. Very good. Also I like the pink color pillar and indeed I will now wrapped pink material on my front door of my apartiment. Can you think how nice! All doors here in this building are grey. Also I wear the pink dress for the picture in natashaclub and allready I have 2 email from men. And one in South Africa! Can you believe! His name is Jacob.

Freshly Found said...

How lovely to see that the 'grey' has been replaced by yellow and pink! I once wore so much pink, it was like a basic colour in my wardrobe. I had cerise pink jackets, pants, shorts, shoes, handbag, earrings, etc! Now I don't ever wear pink, but I still LOVE looking at it!

Anairam said...

linda sue - Mmmmm - I like pink cupcakes and prawns (which are pinkish), and rose champagne and pink marshmallows and those pink sugared almonds. So I guess I like pink food too!

kendalee - I am also not really a pink person - although I do have a pink dress (and that pink scarf!). I don't think one should go too much for those generalised categorisations. (Especially since my favourite colour is black, and that probably means I'm a witch or I am severely depressed, but hey, I am neither!)

curious girl - It was such a nice day - looking for pink! (I prefer though to trail real flowery bits rather than fake little flowers - fresh rose petals, or something like that, you know?)

svetlana - I hope the security police will approve of your pink door! (Let us know how Jacob turns out ...)

freshly found - I quite like seeing pink in interiors, now and then, although I don't have any myself. But I do sometimes long for a real girly kind of room with dresses against the wall and that kind of thing ...