Saturday, August 30, 2008

Award Ceremony

Yay!! I have recently received the above two awards, one from Bronwyn of Smoke and Ochre and the other from Kenda Lee of Dance of A Painted Lady. I cannot remember when I last received an award - probably at university, which is yonks and yonks ago. So I am very chuffed! So chuffed that I have decided to hold my own award ceremony. The award will be passed on to my five favourite blogs:
1. Even Cleveland for always having the most interesting finds, and for glimpses into life in cleveland
2. Up and down town for her quirky drawings in an ongoing story about a girl, no longer a girl, living in a city - it is a magical blog, I love it!
3. A bucket full of Heather for life through the eyes of a girl, who is still a girl - I love it for its enthusiasm and she knits and crochets and makes all kinds of lovely stuff!

And yes, I know one is not supposed to give awards back to the people who gave them to you, but to be honest, these two blogs are the ones I make sure I look at every single day -
4. Dance of A Painted Lady especially for her exquisite writing & inspirational posts!
5. Smoke and Ochre for her stunning journal pages which I love, and also the images of her home.

And last, but not least, this special award to Le Husband, who doctored my laptop back to health!


up and down town said...

oh my gosh!!!
i had to look up "chuffed" and have discovered that now i too, thanks to you, am chuffed.
thank you so much. so so much.
thank you!

kendalee said...

Aaaw, how lovely - thank you anairam!!! I feel really honoured by this. Isn't it great how people all around the world can share and inspire and admire one another through this blogging medium? I love it! :)

Heather said...

Wow, thank you! It took me all by surprise, I'm so CHUFFED!

Anairam said...

up and down town - It was a pleasure! And now you know a new word!
kendalee - Yes, isn't it too cool? What technology enables us to do will never cease to amaze and delight me!

Anairam said...

heather - Well, I am chuffed that you are chuffed!

Stephanie said...

Golly, golly! Your blog is always my first stop for my daily dose of whimsy and magic, so I am very flattered. And congratulations to you- it's well deserved!



Bronwyn said...

My hubby's also in useful for all those home computer problems that would otherwise have me completely helpless:)

Anairam said...

stephanie - Hope you had a great break - so glad to see you are back!
bronwyn - The sad truth is that I have a degree in Computer Science, but when it comes to rebuilding a sick PC, I am hopeless. (Or maybe I'm just lazy?)

up and down town said...

thank you again for this! i've created a "thank you" list of sorts on up&down town now (sidebar). so glad you're on it!!